My Social Media Policy

Using an already created template (see below) this post defines how I will conduct myself through Social Media use.

Content credit goes to Melanie McBride, and also this webpage.

1. Connecting: New Followers

When I have new followers on any of my Social Media (SM) outlets, I would assume that they have taking the time to follow me because they either know me, or have similar interests. I don’t expect them to give me an introduction, if I am interested in them, I’ll check them out.

2. Follow, add, friending

I am not one to follow or friend an individual on SM simply because they have followed me first. This especially applies if they are merely an acquaintance, or a stranger. I will follow people if I find them/ their content interesting.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety

When connecting/conversing over SM I tend to only private message. Such as in Facebook, I don’t feel as though my conversations and comments need to pop up in others’ news feeds, so I opt for private connecting. This especially applies to people I am trying to network with—people from the industry. Though, if I am responding to someone’s posts, or giving a compliment, I feel that it is alright to post in a way that other people can see and comment as well.

4. Signal to noise

[Do you have any strong feelings about the kind of social media experience you seek (or don’t)? For example, do you have a problem with people using RSS in their Twitter? Do you get annoyed by multiple status updates? Make that clear here (so people aren’t surprised when you unfollow them – or vice versa)]

5. Personal data and sharing

I believe strongly that what is posted (in public) on SM is meant to be shared, though with this, credit should be given to the original poster. For example: the other week one of my friends messaged me saying that a Winnipeg tourist blog was using one of my Instagram photos, though without crediting me. I got upset, and I contacted them (in an admittedly snarky way).


Unfortunately, the situation transpired to be more complicated than necessary, and it resulted in the post being taken down, and a discussion with the author of the blog.

What upset me most is that this professional journalistic blog failed to hold themselves to the (albeit, unwritten) etiquette of SM, took what was not theirs, and attempted at passing it at their own without giving credit to the original author.

6. My networking needs and uses

Different SM outlets are used differently from each other. Such as, my Linkedin account is strictly professional, and useful for a networking and career purpose. This is not a place to share my new favourite goat picture with my friends—that would be appropriate in Facebook. Facebook is a more casual communication tool, useful to connect and share information, and articles with friends and family. Twitter is my source of news—it is my personally curated feed of world and local news, and topics which interest me, such as the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, and local design studios. Finally, Instagram is my most personal SM outlet. Here is where I share personal moments and achievements hoping to share and gain attention from my peers, friends and family. I am a very visual person, and appreciate a visual story more than written and verbal, and I love to communicate to those I care about through my Instagram photos.