So today is my birthday …


… again for the 22nd time. And I am excited for this year. Not only am I graduating from Adv Graphic Design, and entering the vortex of industry and employment—I am most excited that this is an even age year.

To me, it seems as though the even years are better than the odd years. This is strictly my own bias due to my life experiences, though as you read further, I think there might be some (f)actual sense to this.

Let’s go backwards:

Age 21: I grew up. I stepped out of my dependance on my parents, got a loan, got an apartment, gained new bills, bought groceries, did dishes without the help of a dishwasher. Big things, though it was a phase of awkward growing pains and floundering.

Age 19: You’re no longer 18; the romance of being able to buy alcohol, attend certain venues, and vote has worn off. This was also the year where I pumped gas, trying to be responsible and earn money for post-secondary, as all my close friends were travelling europe and living abroad. Shitty.

Age 17: Not quite 18 but sooo close. You’re the top of the social heap as a senior in high school, and think you’re the shit (what a joke). Friends stagger into adulthood, though not all are of age, and not everyone can go to the bar and celebrate.

Age 15: Zits, and drama of being fifteen year old girl. I actually can’t remember what happened when I was fifteen. Except zits.

Age 13: First year as a teenager, and where I went to school, the first year entering the high school. The intimidation, the awkwardness, the transition from being on top of the heap at the elementary, to the lowest of lows in the high school is psychologically detrimental.

Age 11: I won’t go any further than this. All I have to say for age eleven is that this is the year where puberty sets in, and all the kids at school are smelly and have yet to learn hygiene. This is the year I transitioned out of wearing tomboy clothes to a more feminine attire my mom wanted for so long.

In conclusion, I find that as I grew up, the even years were so much better than the odd years. Now that I am an adult, my hope is that every year will be awesome, that there won’t be such a noticeable difference in the quality of odd and even ages.


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