Moving Waves, or Solid Rocks. A comparison of portfolio UI styles.

Portfolio sites are a very personal reflection on an individual of style, skill, and preference. They showcase the designer’s work, and are judged critically by potential clients and employers. Every designer is unique in the way they design, and thus every project they design will be unique (unless they’re a raging copy-cat, in that case I greatly frown upon them).

What I see in existing portfolio websites is that some designers opt for sites which follow current trending UI styles, such as the current flat, muted colour UI influenced greatly by Apples latest iOS.

Charlie Waite portfolio site

Charlie Waite portfolio site

Or, the designer chooses to design their site in a solid design, not influenced by current trends, with the intention that it will serve them for a period of years.

Sarah Kruger portfolio site

Sarah Kruger portfolio site

So which is more beneficial? What would an employer like to see? I myself see merit in both. Showing off a site that is well designed and fresh shows that you can stay competitive in the immediate market as a designer. In comparison, a solid design shows talent in designing for long-term and stability.

Downsides may be that with a trendy site, the designer will need to redesign frequently to not look dated. A fallback of an unchanging site could be that it will look “safe,” and unimpressive.

So what is more beneficial for the designer? Current, or withstanding?


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